Maelika Hani Eberhard

"I am honored to recommend Mr. Pavel Farsky for any collaboration.

Pavel Farsky was my singing teacher at Prague Film School for two years. I thoroughly enjoyed his classes. Pavel was always ready and prepared for his classes.He is a very knowledgable, and at the same time a very approachable person. I learnt a lot from him on several levels.

Pavel knows how to bring across complex concepts in a very understandable way, he is strongly committed to his students' success.

He understands the dynamics in a class of multicultural students and knows how to motivate his students. Students can feel his passion for singing and music.

I appreciate very much Pavel's positive personality, his supportive and inclusive approach to teaching."

Wendy Rosas

"I would strongly recommend Pavel as a singing coach and also as a positive human being to have around.

I received classes with Pavel in 2018, once per week with a group of students. He is a well prepared teacher, has great knowledge and offers good advices regarding your voice flavor. Apart from all of this, he is someone who cares about his students, he is always finding the perfect words to encourage you to keep yourself positive, keep on learning and to practice.

He always came prepared to class and very well organized. To start with we always had relaxation exercises and vocalization. What I liked the most is that he advised to all of us what type of music is more convenient for us to sing.

I believe the time in classes with him were well invested, I just wish we had some private lessons as well.

I believe everyone should have a teacher like Pavel in their lives. Someone who is thrilled by teaching and bringing everyone a smile and positive vibes."

Benjamin Johansson

"Hi Pavel!

Your lessons were very well prepared and organized. 

It was nice to always start with warm-up and still be able to hear everyone sing and receive feedback. The lessons were in a supportive environment, and I think that is because of both you and the group as a whole. 

When you had new ideas you always explained them so that everyone understood. 

You are a very positive personality. You never said anything negative, even when people felt they were really bad or didn't try, you just said "Work on this". 

You also helped everyone rising fairly well, even those who did not believe in themselves, and that is a big part because of your attitude. 

It was always fun to go to your classes. Personally I feel my time in your classes were well spent. You really helped me find my voice and expand my musical knowledge. I learned how to sing and count the beats at the same time, something I couldn't do before since I am only used to counting while playing the euphonium or trombone, and I am really grateful for that. 

It was really nice to meet you! ¨

Best regards, Benjamin Johansson"

Sunneva Fjölnisdóttir

"Pavel is a great teacher. 

He has positive energy and his lessons were very well organized and useful. 

He really helped me come out of my shell and sing in front of others without pushing me, but with encouragement. He was very supportive and taught me a lot. 

I wish we had more lessons with him. I highly recommend his lessons."

Alex Spiewak Figueiredo

"Dear Pavel,

I speak in the name of everyone in class when I say that your classes were absolutely great. 

You worked individually with everyone and showed us all where and how to improve. Also, the songs you chose for us not only matches our voice but also our personalities and that made everything so fun and easier to learn.

I wish we could have more classes with you so that we could keep on improving. 

I'll follow your advice and try to get help with my singing!

Thank you so much once more and all the best,

Alex Figueiredo :)  "

Kaitlyn Dutchin

"Thank you so much for everything Pavel!!! I really appreciate everything!

Music and singing are so important to me; it has made me grow and heal.

Thank you for bringing that back into my life!


Gordon Clemons 

"Pavel is a very good teacher because he provides a supportive and positive environment in which students feel comfortable and cared for. 

Pavel has a very positive presence and energy. He is naturally comforting, patient and disarming for students who are unsure of what they are doing. 

I feel that my time in class was well spent because he gave specific feedback on my own singing but he also applied each individual feedback given to students to everyone. So that all lessons and information applied to every student. 

He came prepared with details notes and feedback for individual students. He also took time to hand pick songs which would fit for each student which I personally appreciated because it clearly benefited all the students."

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