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Ing. MgA. Pavel Farský 
Kolovratská 58/1
100 00, Praha 10
the Czech Republic / E. U. 

email address:

+420 604 272 691

Licensed trade registration number: 70338400 

(Registration in the Trade Register maintained by the Trade Department of the Municipal Office of the Prague 6 District, Ref. No.: ŽO / 0003745/00 / Kve, reg. No.: 310006-037452000,

in Prague on 8 November, 2000. Freelancer - Lecturing activities)

Trades Licensing Office: Praha 10  

Tax identification number: on request (please, see Paragraph: "The Data Protection" - below)

(This number is an integral part of all my invoices and all oficial business documents. I give this number to my partners, clients and customers automatically)

I am not a VAT (Value added tax) payer

Liability - content: 

I, Pavel Farský, created these web pages ( with the utmost care.

I, Pavel Farský, as a service provider, am responsible for the content on these web pages ( in accordance with European laws, including the Czech Republic laws, regarding this website and regarding all activities under the "Just Act - Sing!" programs.

I, Pavel Farský, am not responsible for the third-party activities. If any question or in case of doubt, write an email (, please.


I, Pavel Farský, hereby declare, that I am an author of the method and programs "Just Act - Sing!" and these web pages, their name, their form and their complete content. They are my unique creation - work, which means, that they are a subject of international, E. U. and the Czech Republic copyright law. If anybody wants to use any part of them, must ask me by email for permission. Any unauthorized reproduction will be considered a violation of copyright.


I, Pavel Farský, hereby declare, that all photos on these web pages are published  with written agreement of the photographed persons. Photos were made during my programs and Final Shows. The photos are protected by international, E. U. and the Czech Republic laws. If anybody wants to use any photo, must ask me by email for permission. Any unauthorized reproduction will be considered a violation of international, E. U. and the Czech Republic laws. 
I do not provide any personal information about the photographed persons. If some organization (e. g. film or fashion industry, etc.) wants to contact the person in the photo, I can give it only with written permission of the photographed person. I am not casting agency and also not casting agent of the photographed persons. 

The Data Protection:

I, Pavel Farský, do not collect any of your personal information that is subject to GDPR, on this website.

Tax identification number: as a Czech born and based freelancer, I received Tax ID number, which contains my unique Birth number. Later, all Birth numbers became a subject of GDPR international, E. U. and the Czech Republic law. It means, that it has to be kept in GDPR regime. I am sorry, it is not possible just to publish Tax ID number (containing Birth number) on web pages. As soon as the discrepancy will be solved by the Czech government (new Tax ID numbers for all Czech freelancers?), I will publish it on this web page. Thank you.

The website is not able to collect your personal data, because there are not any filling forms.
If you want to contact me, you can only write email from your email address to my email address.


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Dispute resolution in the E. U.:

The European Commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution (OS).
You can find the platform at

I, Pavel Farský, declare that I am neither willing nor obliged to participate in a dispute settlement procedure. Email:

I created these web pages in February 2020. Pavel Farský

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