Let me introduce my method and programs 
"Just Act - Sing!", which I have been successfully using
for 11 years, teaching actors from all around the world. 

The method is based on combination of classical singing techniques, Linklater Method and Alexander´s Technique and positively relates to Stanislavsky Method. 

For the work with the main idea of the song I also use parts of certified methodology of Berklee School Songwriting Course.

The repertoire for the study purpose comes from variety of popular music styles, rock, pop, jazz and musical songs.

"Just Act - Sing!" brings:

  • training of combination of the voice-singing & acting for the purpose of active participation in the film, other multimedia products, theatre stage and other events
  • the complete process traning of preparation for the singing with acting in the film, theatre and other events: from obtaining the role with singing part to the final performance - filming
  • warm up techniques, exercises for breath and relaxation of body and mind
  • development of vocal control and work with dynamics; voice and body exercises for strengthen and projection of the voice (singing and speaking), making it more attractive for audience
  • expansion of voice range and elasticity, intonation and interval training
  • inspiration, how to work with the lyrics, the main idea, for stimulating imagination and use of emotions
  • finding individual natural voice quality
  • singing with the accompaniment
  • expression of emotion through the voice
  • singing with acting

The "Just Act - Sing!" method has three basic programs:

There is also a possibility of individual cooperation, tailored for the individual needs.

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