Master Class

is a program designed and suitable for active participants - actors and singers (professionals and amateurs), students of acting or/and singing, talented personalities, 
people who want to try acting and singing

  • gives new views - new inspiration for increase attractiveness on stage or in front of the camera
  • strengthens self-confidence for the planned event (audition, special life occasion)
  • gives the main components of the "Just Act - Sing!" method (e. g.: body and voice preparation for singing with acting - warm up techniques, techniques for increase voice attractiveness, body preparation for natural singing and acting, work with the basic idea, lyrics and emotions for the final connection between singing and acting)
  • time range: 1 - 3 days, 6 - 8 hours/each day
  • is limited to 12 active participants
  • is organized in cooperation with local partner organization in each country

Conditions: minimum age 18 years, healthy vocal system (lungs, vocal chords, oral tract), at least basic experience with singing. Each participant prepares his/her own song in advance (will be chosen through communication before the beginning).

Master Class - plan:

  • 1 week before the beginning is finalized the process of choice of the individual songs for each active participant (the communication about the song will be provided by the organizer).
  • songs are prepared by the participants before the beginning of Master Class
  • instrumental accompaniment of each individual song is prepared by Pavel Farsky
  • in the beginning of each day are provided techniques and exercises for the voice and body warming-up
  • each active participant passes all the main parts of the "Just Act - Sing!" method with use of his/her chosen individual song.
  • in the end of Master Class is the internal Final Show (for the participants only)
  • each participant receives a certificate about completion of the Master Class

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